[Riverside County, Ca] GTC Pre-Release Featuring Brian Kibler and R.K Post

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Thou Shalt Game runs the most Kick'n Pre-Release in all of Riverside County. Come, experience, and see why!
We have two awesome special guests for Gatecrash:
Prolific Magic Artist R.K. Post, and Magic Hall of Famer Brian Kibler!

R.K. Post Signing: 11- 7pm R.K. has done over 100 Magic artworks!

Brian Kibler Spell Slinging: 12-7pm Beat the Pro and get a booster!
Here is what you get with each entry:
1 Guild Box of your choice between: Dimir, Orzhov, Boros, Gruul, or Simic*
2 Side Event tickets good to spell Sling with Kibler, or spend with R.K.
Entry into the Big Raffle to Win a sweet custom play mat. commemorating the event.
Prizes Prizes Prizizes!

Members get $2 off entry on request!

10:00am - Sealed
Prepay: $28, At Door: $32

3:00pm - Sealed
Prepay: $28, At Door: $32

7:00pm - Dinner Sealed (appetizer, main course, and desert)
(Max 24 Players)
Prepay: $35, At Door: $45

*each guild box is limited in quantity register early to get your guild