Casting an enchantment/instant during combat phase

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Well, another combat phase question

Here's the setup:

1) I declare a 3/3 creature as attacking
2) My opponent declares a 3/3 creature as blocking

Can I then cast Deviant Glee or Auger Spree after the declare blockers step?

Thank you!

EDIT: I guess it'd have to be a 5/5 creature or else the Auger Spree applied to my creature would die, right?
Deviant Glee is an Aura, those can only be cast with "sorcery timing"
Auger Spree being an Instant works

keep in mind that even if you kill the blocker with Auger Spree your creature will not deal damage to the defending player or planeswalker, unless it had Trample
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Thank you Enigma256.
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