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Ok so i been thinking about this idea for a lil biut now and i wanted to say screw it and try to make a deck for Fnm nothing big just trying it out. So first i know mono black has not been all that big i the standard scene least that i know of but i wanted to make a deck for it around a few cards i need to fill out the deck with more stuff so let me know what you guys think i should toss in.

4x Desecration Demon
3x Skirsdag High Priest
4x Gravecrawler  
4x Diregraf Ghoul 
4x Geralf's Messenger
2x Bloodline Keeper

4x Tragic Slip
4x Altar's Reap
2xKilling Wave
4xSign In Blood

So i have always likes the skirsdag priest and have been wanting to find some kinda way to make it work and the main idea i had for this was haveing the preist with desecration demon way i saw it is if they dont just kill spell them they ethier have the demon running wild on them or they can sac something to tap it makeing it stronger and then i can make a 5/5 demon with my priest if they did. i did not know of a decent sack engine in this format other than altar's reap. bloodline keeper im on the fence about really it was my idea of getting things to tap for the priest ability. let me know what you guys think and would love your guys help makeing this happen for my FMN thanks
This posting has a good discussion of sacrifice options in black:

Also, Vile Rebirth may be an option to consider to give Skirsdag High Priest more options to tap down.
If you want to stay mono-black, I would say look at Bloodthrone Vampire or Bloodflow Connoisseur.  Both give you an option to Sac your own creatures, both can be tapped for the Skirsdag High Priest, as well, and as an added bonus, both  are vampires and can be used to trigger Bloodline Keeper
thanks for that that is indeed a good choice and it can serve to help me against some reanimate decks. i have also thought about Bloodthrone Vampire i feel like it could be a soild 2 drop as well as giving me another sacking option.
Does Blood Artist fit? Gives you a bonus for sacrificing and a target that you usually won't be attacking with that can be tapped and untapped all night long.

i have thought about blood artist but i feel like i wont get much out of it i mean yes you are right its another body i can tap but as far as that goes i rather have a body to tap that could potentially be a bigger threat then 1dmg when ever something dies yes i need something to die to do what i want but its still seems like i would not get a huge benifit for it other than a few dmg imo
It's not just one damage, it's also one life for you, so it's a net difference of two. You may be right that this particular deck does not have sufficient sacrificing to warrant it, but you do have Desecration Demon, Altar's Reap, and, especially, Killing Wave.
i was thinking about swaping out the sign in bloods and putting in another kill spell with Bone Splinters give me the death i need for morbid and just gives me some more killing power when they get something i dont like.
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