A question regarding wizard spells in Dungeon!

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Basically, can you cast them if you're in the same room as a monster?  RAW seems to imply that you can't, but the monsters in the appropriate levels seem to require obscenley high rolls for the Wizards to kill them on their own, without the use of spells.  As far as I can tell, the wizard has to enter a room, encounter the monster, and if they lose on the basic combat (which is likely), they have to hope that they're pushed out of the room so they can blast at them with spells. 

Also, what happens if you have the ESP Medalion or the Crystal Ball?  Can you use them to peak at the monster, and then choose to fight it from outside, or do you actually have to wait for the monster to be encountered first? 
I'm fairly sure that you may use a spell against a monster in the same room.  That is how the game was played back in the '80s anyway.  If I'm mistaken, then we've been playing the game wrong for the past month...
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