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I've only been playing a short time but  I often notice during FNM that my opponents do not take damage unless I remind them every single time.

Example:  I have Shrieking Affliction out on the board.  After my turn, the person I'm playing draws a card as quickly as possible.  As soon as that player has the card in their hand, they feel it is too late to ask that they take damage for the card.

Is it my responsibility to remind an opponent to take damage or do the cards speak for themselves? 

At FNM, they are wrong. Both players are responsible for remembering triggers. You're supposed to point it out, but if you happen to forget Shrieking Affliction's trigger one turn, your opponent is required to point it out too.

What they're likely thinking of is how its handled in Competitive and Professional tournaments, and even then they're not really doing it correctly. At competitive/professional, you and you alone are responsible for pointing out shrieking affliction. However, it's not a matter of reflexes -- your opponent cannot make the ability be skipped simply by playing quickly. Its only if you take an action after the point where the ability was supposed to have triggered that the ability is considered "missed".
Well said.
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