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Art Contest 
A-Series Art

By D&D Team

As you know, we'll be releasing a premium collection of the AD&D A-series adventures (
Against the Slave Lords) but don’t want to go at it alone. We know D&D adventures are unique to the individuals playing them and can become that much more of a visceral play experience when they’re accompanied by compelling illustrations. That’s where you come in.

Talk about this contest here.

The official rules of the contest says that the deadline for submission is until 11:59 pm PST on February 10th. But when I visited the Facebook submission page at 10:30 pm, it says that the contest is already closed.

I would really, really like to submit an entry. Is there any chance that it could be reopened? Or may I submit it through another venue?


Ask Jon Schindehette on Facebook he may accept it who knows.
They reopened it! Huzzah!
Thanks WotC! Laughing 
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