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A-Series Art

By D&D Team

As you know, we'll be releasing a premium collection of the AD&D A-series adventures (
Against the Slave Lords) but don’t want to go at it alone. We know D&D adventures are unique to the individuals playing them and can become that much more of a visceral play experience when they’re accompanied by compelling illustrations. That’s where you come in.

Talk about this contest here.

Montréal, Canada
@Plaguescarred on twitter

The official rules of the contest says that the deadline for submission is until 11:59 pm PST on February 10th. But when I visited the Facebook submission page at 10:30 pm, it says that the contest is already closed.

I would really, really like to submit an entry. Is there any chance that it could be reopened? Or may I submit it through another venue?


Ask Jon Schindehette on Facebook he may accept it who knows.

Montréal, Canada
@Plaguescarred on twitter

They reopened it! Huzzah!
Thanks WotC! Laughing