Thoughts/Suggestions on my Mono-Green Deck?

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I've actually only started played in the last week, wiith a "Deck-Builder Toolkit," but I've quickly fallen in love with the game, and especially mono-green decks. I've won eight or nine out of ten matches with it, maybe a better percentage (of course, it was against a new player like myself). I don't actually have this deck, but I would very much like to put this or something close to it together in the future. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on how to improve it.

Deck size: 80 (Too big?)
Creatures (including Artifact Creatures): 26
Artifacts (not including Artifact Creatures): 4
Other spells: 24
Lands: 26

Dungrove Elder x2
Primordial Hydra x1
Timberland Guide x3
Borderland Ranger x3
Arcbound Worker x2
Arcbound Stinger x2
Sentinel Spider x2
Deadly Recluse x2
Dawntreader Elk x1
Elvish Visionary x1
Toxic Ooze x1
Mwonvuli Beast Tracker x2
Bond Beetle x3
Elderscale Wurm x1

Ring of Kalonia x4
Hunger of the Howlpack x1
Ranger's Path x2
Natural End x4
Naturalize x4
Blanchwood Armor x4
Revive x2
Fog x3
Plummet x2
Prey Upon x2
Forest x26

It primarily has a "Get Big" kind of focus, adding a LOT of +1/+1 counters on to creatures. I play my friend with a more basic version of this, and I've beaten him with 1/1 creatures that actually had 12/12 due to counters. The reason for 8 enchant-busters is that I really hate Oblivion Ring, Pacifism, etc. Thoughts?
First off, what is a toxic ooze?

But anyway, 80 is too many for a deck. You usually want 60. That said, you can easily cut some of the cards in your list.

natural end and naturalize are conditional, because your opponent needs to have an artifact or enchantment out in order them to be at all worth casting, so I would cut all four natural end and play only 2 naturalize

Cards like dawntreader elk and borderland ranger are better in multi-colored decks where you need to fix your mana, but because this is mono-green, llanowar elves and arbor elf do the trick for cheaper.

Because you no longer have 80 cards, you can trim the number of forests down to 23 or so- play with the deck and see what is necessary and if you are adding the one mana accelerators you can have less

if its in your budget rancor is a bomb and pairs nicely with dungrove elder (which you should get more of if you can)

Cards that just arent that good in general:

Thats all I got
Thanks for linking the cards, first off. By Toxic Ooze, I meant Acidic Slime ('cos I'm an idiot), which is a 3-green 2-colorless 2/2 creature that has Deathtouch and "When ~ enters the battlefield, you may remove target non-creature permanent." Come to think of it, it's actually not that great...

The reason I had Dawntreader Elk and Borderland Ranger instead of Arbor Elf and Llanowar Elves was for Dungrove Elder. I like the Arcbound creatures and Timberland Guide because of the theme of adding +1/+1 counters. Fog was for when I would be building up Dungrove Elder and Primordial Hydra, not wanting to block with them while they're still low on power/toughness.

Finally, winnowing down Naturalize and Natural End makes sense, but on that note, are there any green counter-spells?
green has no counterspells, sadly (well aside from stuff like autumn's veil). Green does 2 things well: ramp (build up manabase quickly) and creaturebased disenchants like acidic slime - dungrove elder might be an example of a 3rd thing: synergize with monogreen.

if you go monogreen id go heavy monogreen but cards like beacon of creation and dauntless dourback aren't free.

honestly id replace your entire deck aside from dungrove, the hydra and maybe blanchwood.

suggestions for replacements

llanowar elves
arbor elf
broodhatch nantuko
leatherback baloth
awakener druid
centaur omenreader
fangren firstborn
hidden predators
wickerbough elder
timbermaw larva
cudgel troll
beastmaster ascension
wolfir avenger
wolfbriar elemental
obstinate baloth
yeva, nature's herald
strangleroot geist
deadbridge goliath
See, this is why I came to you guys. I'm getting a better understanding of how to build a good deck, and I haven't even heard of a lot of these cards (I told you I was new). This being the case, I've totally revamped my deck, although it still probably needs some (a lot of) touching up:

Deck size: 65

Llanowar Elves x2
Arbor Elf x2
Bond Beetle x2
Obstinate Baloth x1
Dungrove Elder x3
Wickerbough Elder x2
Dauntless Dourbark x1
Leatherback Baloth x2
Awakener Druid x2
Timbermaw Larva x2
Deadbridge Goliath x2
Strangleroot Geist x2
Primordial Hydra x1
Beacon of Creation x2
Ring of Kalonia x2
Blanchwood Armor x2
Beastmaster Ascension x1
Plummet x2
Revive x2
Naturalize x2
Rancor x3
Forest x25

Again, this probably needs some more work, so any further ideas are most welcome
My suggestion would be

-2 ring of kalonia
-2 bond beetle
-2 naturalize

And add in some more ramp spells which because your deck cares about the number of forests in play I feel should be the type of ramp which pulls out forests. An example might be cultivate which ramps by 1 and also gives you an additional land drop for the future. But choosing the ramp package is up to you. Some may prefer the arbor elf and overgrowth package. 
Don't be too smart to have fun
Welcome to the game and the boards, Gurran!

I'm a fan of drawing more than one card a turn.  Green does this most easily via Harmonize, but thematically through Hunter's Insight and Soul of the Harvest, among other cards. 

Perhaps some Yavimaya Elders and Mwonvuli Beast Trackers for a bit of search?  Maximize the Beast Tracker by mostly/only running critters you can fetch... like Pelakka Wurm and Acidic Slime.  I have a thing for Silklash Spider, as well.

A shout out to Gaming Grounds in Kent, Ohio and Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. for all your preparation needs. - why prepping is useful, from one who has been there.
You dont need 25 lands in this deck. 23 should do the trick and you should still try to get more mana elves
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