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If an indestructable creature is dealt dmg less than their toughness, can -1/-1 effects (such as Death Wind) be used to finish them off for the remaining toughness and overcome the indestructability?

If so, what happens if the creature was dealt damage greater than their toughness, obviously they don't die due to that, but would an x=1 Death Wind be enough to finish them off? What about x=0, probably very unlikely, but just wondered if all the card needed was one more check of it's toughness.
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Damage does not reduce toughness.

An indestructible 3/3 that has taken 2 damage, just has 2 damage marked on it.  It would still require a Death Wind with X=3 to send it to the graveyard.
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If you can manage to drop a creature's toughness to 0 or less, it will die. However, normal damage does not reduce toughness, so damage combined with -1/-1 effects is no better at killing indestructible creatures than just -1/-1 effects on their own.
If you Disfigure a Darksteel Sentinel, a Lava Dart still doesn't kill it any better than it would kill a regular Darksteel Myr. They're both 1-toughness indestructible creatures with 1 point of damage on them.
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