Elemental Escalation (fire), level 17

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1) Does the ongoing damage type (fire) change if it's used with an At-Will power that has an arcane admixture added on?  I.e. if Elemental Bolt is dealing fire and cold, does the ongoing damage become fire and cold?

2) Does the ongoing damage still count as part of that attack when it hits later on?  Specifically, if the answer to 1 is yes, does the vulnerability from Arcane Fire get applied (because the damage would be part of that attack?)  Or does it come out as a separate thing, in which case AF wouldn't trigger, since it's not an attack power. 
1)  Yes, as long as what you've admixed is the at-will power.  The at-will power is what is dealing the damage, including the ongoing damage, not Elemental Escalation. 

2)  It's part of the attack, but it doesn't "hit later on."  "hit" means there was an attack roll that met or exceeded a target's defense.  Ongoing damage doesn't do that when it causes its damage.  And since it does not hit, it does not trigger AF.  It will benefit from the vulnerability, however.
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