how to run a tournament?

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how would i go about running a tournament with my friends?

here is what i am thinking.

Everyone picks 1 army they wish to play

Round 1
Sting of Loth vs Heart of Cormyr
Tyranny of Goblins vs Curse of Undeath

Round 2
Sting of Loth vs Tyranny of Goblins
Heart of Cormyr vs Curse of Undeath

Round 3
Sting of Loth vs Curse of Undeath
Heart of Cormyr vs Tyranny of Goblins

After each round you count your left over moral and add it to you score

At the end of round 3 we rank everyone based on their total left over moral.
My playgroup has a league set up rather than a tourney set up.

League rules are as follows: each player should play a total of 10 games.

Initial warbands are created by a draft system; we have 4 players and 6 boxes in total to choose from, players take turns choosing a leader for their warband, a creature, and then sets of 2 order cards.

After each game, the loser of the game has the option to 'steal' something from the winner; either their leader, a creature, or a set of 2 order cards.  Either player can freely swap out their leader, creatures, or order cards with the unused pool.

The winning player gets 5 pts, plus 1 point for each remaining morale.

Games can be 1v1, 2v2, or FFA, it doesn't really matter for the purposes of the league as long as at the end every player has had 10 games.  High score at the end wins the league.
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