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Hello, Our party has only been playing a few months. but we have recently lost a couple of players. We are seeking 2 or 3 new players to join us. Right now it is me (I am the DM) and 2 others, sometimes 3.

We are in Woodstock Georgia in cherokee county. The games are held in a garage. but we have a pretty decent set-up. Lots of fun. 
Trying to play every weekend, or everyother weekend. On fridays saturdays or sundays depending on what works best for everyone. Some times we even play through the weekend- friday saturday and sunday.

We are currently in the beggining of a campaign. Players are level 2. This game is 3.5
Our games can range from serious to light hearted, sometimes with mature overtones. we are all in our early and mid 20's, but we dont descriminate age.

We are fairly new to the game, and thouroughly enjoy it. still learning somethings as we have yet to memorize everything. many friends we've tried to introduce to it didnt enjoy it as much as we'd hoped. i realize its not for everyone. but it is difficult to find people nearby who are interested enough so i turned to the web.
Let me know if you are interested.


My wife and I would be interested in joining your band of adventures. Text me at 7708532269 and let me know that it is you texting, Mr. Jinglez. 

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Alvin & Stephanie  
Ah man, this would be great if it were during the week. Me and anotger friend want to get a 4th ed game going around that are on maybe a monday , possibly even Sat though. anyone play 4ed?
Around that area*. cant type on phone!
That is great! 4th is what i have been reading but i can only play fridays and saturdays though. So how about this saturday? Can you call?
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