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I'm building a changeling edh deck headed by Scion of the Ur-Dragon and I'm looking for suggestions, especially suggestions regarding ways to get an engine going to make use of all those dead dragon elf elemental zombie shapeshifters. That and the best lords to throw into a deck like this.
Keep in mind though that this is a casual budget deck so no $20 cards or infinite combos please. Also, theme is important so any sort of tribal matters solution is prefered to a solution that ignores creature types. Leaning too heavily on any one creature tye is also discouraged. Slivers (or whatever) are okay but I don't want this to become a sliver deck. I'm currently leaning towards a :R::G::B: heavy build to make use of the graveyard and dragon themes.

Already under consideration or in the deck:
Bladewing the Risen
Iname, Life Aspect
Hivis of the Scale
Coat of Arms
Horde of Notions
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Dragonspeaker Shaman</a>
Zirilan of the Claw (Kind of throws a wrench in my engine but is pretty awesome on his own)
Just about every changeling + Mistform Ultimus
Sarkhan the Mad
Moltensteal dragon (my one really cheap combo to unleash on people who piss me off)
Any suggestions for the reanimation engine at least? I'm planning around mostly using the Scion to tutor up my changelings so I can develop my board. Like I said it's acasual deck.
There's a miriad of blue spells that change the types of spells your casting. You should be able to throw out a tribal spells and change the instance of the creature types therein. I can't recall any specific ones though.
Conspiracy and Xenograft come to mind.

This might help on some levels, it's a Reaper King deck I tinkered around with awhile ago, albeit with Reaper King as commander.
Oh yes I forgot Xenograft, thanks!
The original vbuild of theis deck was actually commanded by Reaper King but I decided it was time for an overhaul. So now it's out with the flicker effects, in with the graveyard shennanigans (which probably means lots of zombies).
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