Line of Sight When Damaging Additional Creatures Adjacent to the Target

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I have clear line of sight on creature A.  Creature B is adjacent to A but I do not have line of sight on him.  If I use Copper Dragon's ranged attack on A, does the Acid Breath damage still hit creature B?
Yes, as long as there is not a thin wall between creatures A and B (aka the drow starting tile).
Follow up question: Can creatures in difficult terrain adjacent to the target of the copper dragon or half orc mercenary take cover to prevent damage?
No, for a few reasons:

- Difficult terrain doesn't grant cover; obstacles (doors, tress) do. 
- You can only take cover to dodge ranged attacks made against your minis, not other effects. For example, fireball would be able to hit minis hidden in trees.
- Even if the first creature could tap and take cover against the dragons attack, the card reads that the damage taken by adjacent minis occurs when the first mini is targetted, and not when damage occurs. 
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