first time Sorceror

So i recently started D&D and TBH it's a bit overwhelming. Having said that I am a giant nerd and love gaming so i'm determined to figure this out. I recently created a Sorceror under the wild magic and playing on 4e. I have some questions in regards to the sorceror.

As i am lvl 1 still what happens for spells when i level?
I follow the PHB and have only spells from that book, is that suffice?
I read i'm only allowed 8 casts per day, is this true?
I konw sorcerors get a familiar in 3.5 but do they get one in 4e if so is there a list somewhere where i can browse and purchase one?

Thanks to whoever answers these and i'm sure i have more to come when they are answered!

You're currently in the D&D Next forum (aka 5th edition). Might want to try posting this in the 4th edition forum.
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