Ratchet Bomb vs. Clockspinning

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Ratchet Bomb

 Playing a Two-Headed Giant game, and my teammate just activated the ability on Ratchet Bomb to force players to sacrifice all cards with a converted mana cost of four, because he had four charge counters on it.

Our opponents played Clockspinning to reduce the charge counter on it to three AFTER Ratchet Bomb was tapped with four charge counters on it.

So what happens? Does Ratchet Bomb's ability trigger with four counters on it or three?
Ratchet bomb's second ability includes sacrificing ratchet bomb in the cost. Since ratchet bomb is no longer on the battlefield, clockspinning can't target it. Clockspinning was illegal cast and gets returned to its owner's hand. Ratchet bomb will destroy everything with converted mana cost of 4.
1. Ratchet Bomb has an activated ability, not a triggered ability.
2. That activated ability has its costs paid before your opponent gets priority to respond. One of those costs is to sacrifice it. Therefore, it's no longer a legal target for Clockspinning, so this play is illegal.

If, however, they had targetted an untapped Ratchet Bomb that had 4 counters on it, then the Bomb could be activated in response, and force all nonland permanents with CMC of 4 to be destroyed. The Clockspinning would then fizzle for having an illegal target.

In short, they're pretty much damned if they do, damned if they don't. 
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Your opponent's are too late. By the time they can respond to the activation of the Bomb, it is already in the graveyard and can't be targeted with Clockspinning. The effect will use the number of counters it had when it was last on the field to determine what gets destroyed.

Also, Ratchet Bomb has an activated ability, not a triggered one.

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