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1st - When playing Gang of Devils and I destroy it can the damage it does on it going to the graveyard be redirected to a planeswalker?

2nd - My son had out two Boneyard Wurm's and one Splinterfright that were all 7/7's.  I attacked with two Grave Titan's  and the four tokens that go with the Titans(they had been out long enough to block with all four).  He blocked my titans with his wurms killing them and me.  Then he wanted to add the 2/2 from his wurms to his Splinterfright and block with 9 instead of 7.  Is that possible?

1. you can target your opponent and redirect the damage to one of his planeswalkers

2. Boneyard Wurm and Splinterfright care about creature cards in his graveyard
it doesn't matter that your Titans died, they will not count for his creatures
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Enigma.. But his wurms died blocking my Titans and went to his graveyard.  So can he add those (since they are in his graveyard now) after declaring the splinterfright as a blocker?
1) Yes, it's noncombat damage. So if you target an opponent with the ability you can redirect the damage. There's no way to have it deal damage to the player and his planeswalker, though.

2) I'm not quite getting that question. But if his two Wurms blocked both of your Titans, then his Splinterfright will be +2/+2 bigger due to 2 more creature cards in his graveyard. This is after combat damage has been dealt, though. There is no more blocking after that (the creatures are still considered blocked until the combat phase ends, but the declaration of blockers happens only once and all simultaneously in the declare blockers step). Same goes for combat damage, it all happens simultaneously, if neither first or double strike are involved.

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So can he add those (since they are in his graveyard now) after declaring the splinterfright as a blocker?

 All blocks are simultaneous. In the declare blockers step, he announces that boneyard 1 is blocking titan 1, boneyard 2 is blocking titan 2, and (if he wants) splinterfright is blocking zombie-token 1.

As the combat damage step, each creature assigns damage equal to its power:each of the boneyard wurms assigns 7, slinterfright also assigns 7, each grave titan assigns 6, and each zombie token assigns 2.

After combat damage has been dealt, the boneyard wurms die and splinterfright is now a 9/9 creature, but it doesn't retroactively deal more damage.
Thanks to all.. I didn't word it very well.. I apologize.  OK.  My son was trying to make splinterfright a 9/9 on block, and not waiting til end of battle phase.  I appreciate the clearing up of the rules.  You guys rock!
Quick follow-up question: if the splinterfright was delt 7 damage when it was at 7/7, I assume that it would go to the graveyard before the +2/+2 buff could be applied from the boneyard wurms.

besides, Grave Titan has Deathtouch
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(they had been out long enough to block with all four).

Something everyone seemed to miss; Creatures can block while summoning sick.
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As long as it's random, I really can't see where's the problem. Anyway, there's already a few standard ways for doing this. We listed them in this thread. If someone does the bogey-bogey, eats the cards, waits until they come out, look out the approximate order, place replacements in the same order, calls the president to ask him to give him a string of numbers, puts the card in the given order, then pick the cards in the order given by taking the date of birth of his opponent, reversed, and taking only every other number, then a judge can clearly declare that he's random enough.
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The beauty of sarcasm is that when the person using it is totally incorrect, you can just remove the sarcasm and end up with a post that is actually correct.
(they had been out long enough to block with all four).

Something everyone seemed to miss; Creatures can block while summoning sick.

Pretty sure OP meant to say that the tokens had been out long enough to attack with all four.

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