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Hi I am new to the game but i have put together a deck was just hoping to get some advice on what i need to change.
here goes my deck.
 Vraska the unseen x2
Jarad golgari lich lord x3
Dreg mangler x4
Ambush Viper x2
Lotleth Troll x2 
Vampire nighthawk x2
Desecration demon x3
Deathrite shaman x1

Stab wound x4
Inquisitors flail x2 
Golgari charm x3
Dead weight x1 
Cremate x2
Grisly salvage x2
Grave betrayal x1
Abrupt decay x2
Murder x2
Jarads orders x2

Swamp x5
Forest x7
Golgari guildgate x4
Woodland cemetery x2
Overgrown tomb x2

This is my first attempt at deck building, hopefully i can get some advise on this deck thanks. 
This deck took me second place friday night ( my first tournament ) but feel like somethings wrong 
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