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So hi again,

in one of the rounds I'm DMing atm, the gropup is on the chase after a Druid, who calls himself lord of Vermins. Now i need help fleshing out the Druid. The Party i atm level 15, so the Druid should be settled anyway near that. The classes are wiz/cleric/mystic theurg, sorcerer, rogue/cleric/boneknight, bard and a assasin. I would set them around a Tier3 group with the style they play.

I allready thought about Child of Winter Feat, but does anyone has good suggestions, for a good Companion and good summons?

also the obviuos one like natural spell and augment summoning

Also which spells you would use to buff the vermins?

Books are all allowed, but don't throw in the cheese, cause its no gamebreaker char, its a BBEG.

Thx in Advance

A couple of spells that came to mind are:  Plant Body (Savage Species) and some energy resistances/immunities, should be a pretty nasty start.
Well Savage Species had a template called Verminlord(sp) , have you looked at that? Consider buffing some spiders by making them like real life spiders?  
Mexican jumping
Give them a Jump of +30]
Some spiders create a "slick" out of spider silk. A large slick patch would require Balance checks. The spider has legs that are like shortswords made from bone,allows penalty free walking and front pair can be used in combat. Spider does a bull rush to knock enemies off feet.
A spider who has the magical ability to water walk and attack players on a raft or while near quicksand?
Spider of Ill Wind
A spider that eats Skunk Cabbage and emits a Stinking cloud when attacked,originally a defnce against spider hunting wasps.
A spider who goes into a barbarian -like rage when injured?
A spider that pops out of a hole . Spider moves as if under a haste? Capture pc and drag them into hole. Pcs get -4 to attacks and other pcs have to break trapdoor to help?

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

taradusis did you mean the vermin lord from BoVD? The problem with that, is the Verminfriend feat, which needs 15 CHA. I build the BBEG with the elite array, so i have to waste the highest Stat on an otherwise useless one. and it neither improves Wildshape, summons or the companion and some of the abilities ar ex , so i wont get them in WS.

but i like the idea of the real life spiders.

EDIT: found the Verminkeeper PrC in underdark. is there any good guideline on nice Vermin forms to WS in?

Excuse , Called Master of Flies pg 80  of the Savage Species. Allows you to use a wild shape to become a swarm. Also has a Pied Piper option.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

I'd go with the city-shape alternative class feature. You could turn into a scarab beetle swarm (Fiend Folio, see update booklet), a wormswarm (Dragon 343, p78), or a hastendeath spider swarm (Dungeon 138, p54).

The rootwalker alternative class feature (Dungeonscape) gives you vermin empathy instead of wild empathy.

Consider creatures with an acid attack?
Bright orange from the formic acid in it's body. Top third of body rears up and a cobra like hood expands giving a +4 to Intimidate checks. Has an acidic bite and can squirt acid like an Ankheg.
Bombardier Ant
Bright orange from the formic acid in it's body. Has a hairy abdomen that has an acid squirter. A flick of the abdomen sends a small ball of acid at enemies.
Army Ants
A species that nomadically wanders instead of having a hive. 20X  as numerous as a normal group of giant ants.
If the druid knows awaken he could have a talking gorilla? Perhaps a mobile tree ? Huge sized talking constrictor that gets extra skills because of Int.,swallows pc whole,encourages players to use spiked gauntlets?

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

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