Castle Ravenloft: Adventure 2 - Goal clarification

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Adventure 2: Find the Icon of Ravenloft.

It says when you discover the Chapel, each player draws a monster card and places them on that tile. It then says to win you must collect the icon, treasure, and kill all monsters placed on the chapel.

What I'm not clear on is whether that means you only kill the monsters spawned as a result of finding the Chapel and then you win, or whether you must kill any additional monsters that are on that tile such that you end a turn with the treasure and no monsters within the tile. 

Additionally, do you need to bring the icon back to the stairs or do you win instantly?

I realize some of this may be open to interpretation so I'm curious how others do it.

As I see it, you only have to kill the monsters you just placed on the chapel, which you can see as guardians of the icon.
I don't think you have to get back to the entrance. If you had to, I suppose it would have been precisely put in the adventure description. But it's just my opinion.
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