DM looking for D&D 3.5 players for homebrew campaign using Skype video or Google+ Hangout

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The Milky Way - Quest for the Balance

"Welcome, Stranger."

"My name is Rindell. You have been chosen to become a Knight of the Balance. You were chosen for your potential by our queen, and she is seldom wrong. Our queen, the Mistress Lizbeth, is a Champion of the Lords of the Balance. She has agents on many worlds, and when they call for help we spring into action. You are on her ship, which is named Star Glider, and which we have jokingly nicknamed The Ship of Fools. The Balance is always on the verge of teetering one way or the other, so we strive to keep it intact. We collect artifacts of great power which may or may not tip the balance. We take no chances. Greyhawk, Kalamar, Middle-Earth,.....these are but a few of the worlds you will witness. So, what say you? Do you have agreement with this difficult task?

"Well then, my new initiate, let your training begin."

Many worlds await one and all....high-tech, low-tech, high-magic, low-magic, even no magic (when caught playing with magic on these types of worlds you will have a lot of explaining to do),.....monsters, quests, ancient ruins, dark dungeons, different races and peoples,....and mysteries of the unknown.


Game Information:

System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

Platform: Skype Video Conference or Google+ Hangout

Players: 4 - 6

Sources allowed: Any.....but within reason and house rules.

Time: Mon and Tue - 6:00pm to 12:00am EST New York.....Wed thru Sat - 12:00am to 4:00am EST New York.

Creation rules: Basic D&D 3.5 with AD&D Unearthed Arcana roll-ups. (If unknown, I will be glad to help, of course.) Background a must....but short and sweet. Feel free to work with me on it. Please, no Half-Dragons or Dragonborn. My Dragons are far too aloof to breed with a humanoid.....but they would be more than glad to eat you.

Level 1 characters (Max HP)

Everyone starts with one masterwork weapon of choice and 500 gold to spend.

House Rules:

1. Common Sense
2. More Common Sense
3. And even more Common Sense (as far as fantasy goes anyway)


Hello.  Are you still Looking for new adventurers?  
Yeah, Im willing to join too. Just let me know when.
Hi i run a large group and am looking for dms for our 20 + ppl player base, we can help you with prep and will bend over backward to setup games the way you want to play, all voice, virtual table, post to play, video its all cool  we have players that will play any thing. there are a few rules but there all the basic stuff to make sure the environment is friendly.

we have a impressive list of tools including a built in dice roller for skype (NO CHEATING!!!!)

contact me if your interested skype name Excile747
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