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This is a thread where you can come and find people who are playing on your platform. It can sometime become hard to find people who you want to play with and this will help you. Just post your Xbox 360 Gamertag and people can then add you to their friends list. 


Red Yeti King

I only play 2HG.


GT: CraigJ1410
GT: Harmless Brew
I am Blue/Green
I am Blue/Green
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I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
GT: ii AyJay o

Anybody, add me and hit me up if you want to play 1v1 or 2hg!
same as username
The problem is we're all blokes, so its just like facebook. We won't go to the effort of adding each other unless there are breasts involved... Lol.
Lol, you on later?
I'm on right now mate.
On in ten mins
Rhino Sea. I only play 2hg, i'm a bit bored of jace/goblins in 1 vs 1.

New to the forums - but want to start getting some XBOX 360 play going once in awhile.

Feel free to add me: Malgor Oregon
Hey Malgor, send me a friend request, happy to play or discuss the game whenever I'm on (most nights)
Gt: J DUB2185
Zenis on XBL. 
It would be nice to play some 2HG with someone who isn't terrible. The randoms I get paired with are pretty bad...
MayonakaOkami always looking for a good game!
Lucifer ii I play 2hg
andymanLIVE. Original, no?

2Hg mostly, & by mostly I mean exclusively. Mostly. 
xbl im 1cy