Ideas behind creating a character, can someone help :D

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So i have the idea of creating a 4e character that is a DC Superhero thrown into the D&D 'world' i was wondering some ideas on who i could make/ the build. 

NOT BATMAN. lol Thank you i appreciate any constructive help :D   
I am not up on my DC vs. Marvel... but... here are some super heros/heroines I can think up right off the top of my head:

Wonder Woman - Human Avenger with a whip, heavy investment in Insight and Perception
Hulk - Longtooth Shifter Monk, STR/Dex with a temper problem
Robin - Human Bard and make sure he makes as many puns as possible
Xavier - Human Psion/Bard, Leads from the back invest in aiding your fellows highly

Watch, I bet most of these are marvel. Aurg. I hope it gets the juices flowing.


Hawkeye / Green Arrow.  Dude with a bow = ranger.  Or you could do hunter if you want to explore the control stuff a bit more.

For the record - you had half and half marvel / DC 
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