The Playtest Feedback Flaked Out!

Okay, I'm sure this is all my fault, not being overly skiled with technology, but when I found the latest 5E playtest survey in my email, I started, but chose to close my browser (hitting "Keep as New" to get back to the email more easily) because I had more pressing things to take care of IRL.
I finally get back home and am very eager to offer my 2 cents on the playtest, only to find that, when I decided to restart the survey, I was told I'd "Already Completed" it.
What can I do (if anything) to rectify this problem? I feel like it's a bit insulting to send a survey that's only 10% complete, and I want to at least feel like my opinions are heard, whether they're utilized or not.
It says on the first page of the survey before you start that if you close the browser you will be locked out. I am sure they wont take it personally, and really it probably wont make a huge difference since they are mostly looking at the numbers (i.e. on average class X was rated 4/5 which improved from 3/5).

If you have any really important feedback that you think they should hear, I suggest using twitter to tell them directly.
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