Monk- Undaunted Strike

Anyone else bothered by this class feature?  From level 2 on, A monk's basic attack counts as magical, adamantine, cold iron, and silver for purposes of overcoming resistance.

Part of the fun of using monsters that require silver (or whatever) to hit is the part of the adventure where the party needs to find a blacksmith, do some task for him, get him to silver their weapons, etc.  Apparently if you are a monk that isn't needed!  It just removes a whole dimension from the game, monsters with unique resistance and vulnerabilitys might as well not exist if you are a monk.
I actually commented on this in the survey. I'm fine with Monks having this ability, but it needs to be either spread out across the levels and/or based on their Monastic training.
For example cold iron and/or silver would be part of Path of Stone's Endurance where you could put magical (and maybe add fire to) path of the Phoenix. Instead of all Monks count as having all these.
The monk has so so so many unbalanced features. This feature needs to be either removed or redone completely with much more severe limitations. Then there is Quivering Palm. If it hits, you just wait until the creature fails 3 saving throws and it dies. Oh? Is the 1 million HP BBEG giving you trouble? Quivering Palm. Run in circles for a minute. Boom. It's dead. Then there's how the monk can fly forever, be ethereal for a full minute (making any kind of non-magic obstacle a joke) and becomes immortal. And of course all stats at 20 at highest level.
Yeh for the exact reasons the OP stared, I houseruled that it only gave magic and nothing else.
I actually like the ability itself though I was still surprised that they gave them all at once (magical, adamantine, cold iron, and silver). Seems like one of those "pick one and then pick another later" kind of things.

There is a Monk fix on another forum that let the monk attune his body to the resistance of their foes after they hit the enemy during battle. So first round the Monk would have normal fists but after hitting werewolf this Monk could attune his body to count as silver. Here this explains it better haha ( )

I would like to see something more like that... Less powerful but you can get the job done still. It also lessens the dependancy on GP that D&D loves to push onto certain classes.

I'm quite surprised that they over powered the Monk... They must be trying to make up for the past Monks problems (I'm looking at 3.5 mostly).

Note: I've never seen a party go to a weaponsmith or anything like that instead of facing the enemy head on. DR up to 10 really isn't much and even past that it really doesn't matter since magic bypasses DR... The meatshields mundane fighter types just keep it busy while the mages blast the crap out of the monster. Why buy a silver dagger when your wizard can cast magic missile or fireball.
Couldn't agree more.  Our frontliners just distract it while our mage and occasionally the cleric blasted them.  A swinging pincer kept the nasties relatively stable, getting flanked a few times can't be helped.  The only time we ever used a silver weapon was a maul from a hidden treasure chest in the crypt's that our dwarf got attached to (not sure if it the obsession was dwarf fortress inspired or not though :P).        
I think it would be cool if each tradition got a different strike progression. Like at level 2, Path of Mercy give silver, Path of the Phoenix gives cold iron, Path of Four Storms gives magic, and Path of Stone's Endurance gives adamantine. Then maybe later they each pick up one more.
That would indeed make more sense.  But I guess their intention was to make the monk not too gimpy.  Monk doesn't have proficiency in unarmed combat, so no +1 to hit and the damage die is 1d4, you'd also have to sacrifice any reach advantage you've if you are using reach weapons.  
That would indeed make more sense.  But I guess their intention was to make the monk not too gimpy.  Monk doesn't have proficiency in unarmed combat, so no +1 to hit and the damage die is 1d4, you'd also have to sacrifice any reach advantage you've if you are using reach weapons.  

Not sure what you are getting at here, but monk's are proficient with their unarmed strike, through the Way of the Fist ability. And it is a 1d6 finesse weapon, making them quite competent in combat.
It wasn't listed in the Monk's proficiency, so I must have missed it, I blame poor writing on the first page of monk xD

That being the case, then yeah, it's OP, especially when you throw in the MDD at later levels.

I like the attunement idea and the path specific, but i think it would be cool if you could choose to pick up another like fire and sliver or just keep focusing on one so you can have napalm fist that cause damage till save ends. (side note I'm still new to d&d so my ideas might stink.)
It wasn't listed in the Monk's proficiency, so I must have missed it, I blame poor writing on the first page of monk xD

"Your unarmed strike functions as a finesse weapon with which you have proficiency."

It wasn't listed in the Weapon Proficiencies: section of the monk because you don't get prof in the unarmed strike from the equipment PDF but instead get the special unarmed strike from the class feature.
Ah, that does make sense somewhat.  Sad to say, I mainly skim through monk since I played as a rogue assassin where we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was what.    

Creating character part says to use 150g, Background and Skills part say to use 175g.  Ended up flipping a coin and got 175g to work with.
Then figuring under what conditions I CAN'T hide in (Wood elf's grace + hide in shadow), after going thru the two word for word, I was the equivalent of a range ninja in the forest and dungeons covering our back (have horrible wis).  Our monk didn't get to do much aside from whacking a boar (flavoured) with the quarterstaff before our encounter ends.  Hopefully I'll get to see more of the monk in action later and then provide some proper insight from an outsider perspective!         
The Monk is overpowered overall (too many immunities etc.), but on this matter the case is not as broken as it initially seems. Let me explain:

I have a Monk player in my current playtest group. When facing a monster that is stated to be "resistant to non-magical weapons," or "resistant to all weapons except silver," or something equivalent, he does ignore these resistances, and everyone complains. However, sometimes they face a monster that is stated to be simply "resistant to bludgeoning weapons" (like the mummy they fought in last night's session). In such cases, Undaunted Fist is useless, so not all hope is lost for the DM Smile

However, even so, the ability is overpowered. Getting all four qualities (magic, silver, adamantine, cold iron) at 2nd level is too much, especially since it is no longer obligatory for the DM to hand out magic weapons, which means that the Monk may be the only group member with a magic strike as far as even 10th level or more. I guess we'll see a magic weapon spell available to casters far sooner, but then we'd be comparing a finite resource (spell) to an infinite, passive one (Undaunted Fist).

I can understand the material qualities, but magic should be removed from the ability. Perhaps it could be made into a maneuver, requiring the Monk to spend a single MDD to imbue his unarmed attack with the magic quality. Personally, I wouldn't even go that far - everyone else must either find an actual magic weapon, or a spellcaster capable of casting a magic weapon spell, why shouldn't the Monk also have to? That way, magic weapons become even more unique and interesting (kinda like they are in Game of Thrones)...

Just my 2 cents ...
Actually, that might not be that bad of an idea, sacrificing a MDD for change of the attack type.  You are overcoming resisting/immunity at the cost of some damage.  But that's assuming they are keeping MDD in the first place, looks like there are plans to change them.
Im running an 11th level mini campaign where the players are facing a lot of demons (virtually every demon in the playtest).
 Ive been very stringent with magic items (they each have 1 signature item of max +1) so not all of them have weapons. The monk has been chewing his way through my demons as if they were made out of paper, one shooting a sucubus etc. Luckily its a really good group so everyone just thinks its awesome and noone moans about OP monks (he is imune to poisons as well...good luck Vrocks), but I'm sure there are others out there that arent as lucky.

 I am in favour of completely removing the ability and replacing it with magic and mundane items. An amulet, a sacred script or similar that makes his weapons count as magic, this can also be used as a further way of giving the monk +1 or more items. That way it is up to the GM and the story (as it is with the other martial classes) to decide if he can steamroll every magical creature.
 As for Cold iron/Silver/Adamantine weapons, I would suggest using small non magical rods/knuckledusters that he can hold in his hand, of the same rarety and price as any other weapon of its sorts. Its fair, its simple and it empowers the storytelling and the frantic scrambling to smelt down the temples silver candlesticks to make makeshift weapons when the party hears about a werewolf.

 I know that when you completely out of the blue during a random dungeon builder roll meets any of these creatures you just have to make due and "hit harder" or "let the wizard handle it"... which is why I never GM random dungeons (like the caves of chaos) but run storylines where players can prepare if they want to.
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