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Found this on Enworld. Apparently Gale Force 9 has signed licence agreement with Wizards of the Coast to produce it's own official D&D miniatures. These are resin, not the soft plastic of the regular miniatures. They come unpainted, and are on the same 1 inch scale. These are not connected with Dungeon Command

Read about it here:
Mhm...I wish there were more Mind-flayers, but that worm is smexy. :3
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These look really cool. Hopefully, they will have a set of adventurers or townsfolk later on down the road.
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Some of them look cool, and I'm glad they come unpainted, but I am rather "meh" on the resin used by many companies. I prefer the metal for durability.

I also wish that WotC would allow Iron Wind Metals (the current caretakers of the Ral Partha lines) to reproduce the old Partha AD&D mini line; those were awesome. 

Just roll some dice.



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