Hello. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself. Been gaming for a long time now in one fashion or another. I am not sure if I ever played a game that I did not like. I try and get to Origins every year. Looking forward to going this year. I also make a lot of my own maps and battle mats etc. I do a lot of modeling from precast to scratch built and use a lot of stuff in my own games as well.
Welcome to the boards! Enjoy your stay.
Unless you disagree with me about anything. Then I hope you go away forever.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I am the Unfailing Arbiter of All That Is Good Design (Even More So Than The Actual Developers) TM Speaking of things that were badly designed, please check out this thread for my Minotaur fix. What have the critics said, you ask? "If any of my players ask to play a Minotaur, I'm definitely offering this as an alternative to the official version." - EmpactWB "If I ever feel like playing a Minotaur I'll know where to look!" - Undrave "WoTC if you are reading this - please take this guy's advice." - Ferol_Debtor_of_Torm "Really full of win. A minotaur that is actually attractive for more than just melee classes." - Cpt_Micha Also, check out my recent GENASI variant! If you've ever wished that your Fire Genasi could actually set stuff on fire, your Water Genasi could actually swim, or your Wind Genasi could at least glide, then look no further. Finally, check out my OPTIONS FOR EVERYONE article, an effort to give unique support to the races that WotC keeps forgetting about. Includes new racial feature options for the Changeling, Deva, Githzerai, Gnoll, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Orc, Kalashtar, Minotaur, Shadar-Kai, Thri-Kreen, Warforged and more!
Thanks.  I'll keep that in mind Wink
Welcome to this insane Sigil-esque world of weird.  People tend to argue, sometimes fight over things like philosophy and the way the universe works, but the Admins of Pain usually set things right.  Enough Planescape humor?  Okay...  Anyway, welcome aboard.  We need all the people we can get ot maintain positive attitude on these threads.  Tis the way of the Knights who wander these forums.

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

Fight and argue - just like any other forum LOL
Hey, new opinions! Cool!

In memory of wrecan and his Unearthed Wrecana.

Welcome to the boards Jigsawman. Glad to see new friendly faces
My two copper.
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