Forging The Realms: When Stuff Happens, What’s a DM to Do?

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Forging The Realms
When Stuff Happens, What’s a DM to Do?

By Ed Greenwood

The unexpected is, by definition, unexpected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for it. You can use the hints you’ve sprinkled in weeks and months past to keep the game moving forward.

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose
The first line I siezed on from the article was this, "Just listen to the players, and they can unwittingly create much of a session's entertainment with their reactions and their theories about what's really going on."

That's about word for word what I do. This way I can anticipate where the break point will occur in the adventure (where a player realizes what he or she thinks has been happening is wrong), that way I can set up tension and maximize the play value for the encounter/scene.

I've learned it's good to encourage  players to think out loud because sometimes they disagree. A (friendly) disagreement is good at motivating two or more players to get the play session moving so as to see what the truth of things really is (ahem, which is to say finding out which of them was right). ;)
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