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So 4 pack sealed had the following Take-in/Payout:

Took in:
8x4 --> 32 packs

Paid out:
3 1-2s: 3 packs
3 2-1s: 9 packs
1 3-0: 5 packs
--> 17 packs

New 6 pack:

Takes in:
8x6 --> 48 packs
and 8x2 --> 16 tickets

Pays out:
3 1-2s: 6 packs
3 2-1s: 12 packs
1 3-0: 6 packs
--> 24 packs

EV is much worse for the new format due to the 16 ticket surcharge, but would be worse even if it were removed. It is particularly poor for the 2-1 bracket, which was previously a sweet spot. It will also depress the value of packs and singles even more thoroughly than 4 pack and phantom draft already do, hurting everyone who plays standard limited whether they participate in it or not.

Play it if you must but I won't be doing so myself.
Easy to see how you're getting boned.

Compared to the old format

You pay: +2 tickets, +2 boosters.
Win all, you get: +1 booster 
Lose 1, you get: +1 booster
Lose 2, you get: +1 booster

So in each round you get 1 extra booster compared to the old format, but you're entering for 2 more boosters AND 2 tickets more than before.

Old EV at 75% winrate is +2.8.
New EV at 75% winrate is -0.35.
Ev without the 2 tickets at 75% would be +1.65.
So they could've just removed the ticket entry and still have a more profitable event than before, but they got greedy again ofcourse.

None of these events have fired over the past 4 hours and the queue has 1 person in it. Shocker, I know.

How is it possible that Wizards announces an event, and EVERYONE on the forums can see that it's clearly worse than what we have, and EVERYONE can predict that the new event will be very unpopular and barely fire, but Wizards, who employs people specifically for thorough market analysis to figure out the best ways to make customers happily pay, is unable to see it or just blatantly ignores all feedback regarding the payout.

It's like we're shouting "that'll never work" for 6 weeks before the fact stating lists of reasons why, and 2 weeks AFTER the fact Wizards goes "weird, why didn't that work?"

I'm still angry about all of this.  The EV on the new sealed queues is terrible.  I played a ton of 4-pack sealed before.  It was a nice & quick sealed format.  I played about 2 tournaments per day.  Now I am forced to play sealed daily events much less frequently than I played before, because it is much tougher for me to work with their stupid schedule and find the time for a 4-round 80+ person tournament.
If it continues to not fire they will fix it up.  Gotta start low though, sometimes it works like with pre releases. 
If it continues to not fire they will fix it up.  Gotta start low though, sometimes it works like with pre releases. 

Yeah but it steel feels cheesy. "Let's see if they'll fall for this one!"
It's identical to a daily event buy-in wise, but the payout is much worse and the dailies are already not very popular. They could've easily seen this coming. Even if they get it right in the end it just annoys me the way they're treating us, like we're all a bunch of plants waiting to be exploited. 
Yeah just dont play these. Its horrible value
Maybe they made these intentionally worse so that the Phantom 6 pack sealed look more appealing to people :D
Admittedly, this topic confused me at first, as I remember the issue with 6-booster drafts coming from the Phantom queues. Checking those again, I actually like the 4 ticket entry fee to that from the previous 8 ticket fee, so it's really easy to dive in.

In fact, I'll try one right now after not being in Magic Online for months... 
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