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I recently got my hands on some cards from 94' to 97'. And when i went trough them, i found a "Divine Offering" from 95'. Instead of the usual black/white edges, it's gold, and the back there is printed "Magic: the gathering pro tour Inaugural tournament New york city febuary 1996." It's signed, but I can't make anything out, besides "eza"  Anyone knows how much a card like that is worth? Laughing
The signature is printed as part of the card, it's from a non-tournament legal product. At best, it's a conversation piece. The card itself is not legal in any sanctioned tournament, and as it is a very easy to come by card otherwise, and has not seen tournament play in years... Well, it's nearly worthless.

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Shame, I hoped it was worth a mil or two.. Well too bad Tongue Out Thanks for the fast reply.
while gold-bordered cards are worth less some can still be worth something, since they are used as proxy for the actual cards
for example a gold bordered black lotus still costs a few hundred dollars, just not thousands like the tournament legal one ;)

but yeah, Divine Offering is worthless, no matter what version
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Enigma, you're confusing collector's edition with the World Champion decks they did. I had one way back when due to one of those amusing misunderstandings with parental units and geeky hobbies at Christmastime. (I mentioned being interested in Unhinged even though it wasn't tournament legal and my mother remembered the 'not tournament legal part'. Good times)

Anyways, the point is, they used to be sold for about the price of an intro pack and as far as I know, there really isn't anybody who cares a ton about them, certainly the commons and such that can be had in real form for much cheaper.
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