1/11/2013 TWTW: "How to Keep Me Busy"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.
A nice fun article. BDM clearly feels very fondly about this kind of family of card, and that positivity comes through in the writing.

Don't know if the card is any good, but the idea of a self-mill Golgari deck using endless Remembrances just for the Extort triggers is undeniably amusing.
Card might have seen play had it been an instant. As a sorcery, this card will always be the last pick in a draft that gets thrown away before pairings go up.

I suppose after memorys journey rotates a combo deck might be interested, and dont we all love combo decks.
Also, wtf are they doing previewing garbage like this. Even though its just a common, seeing this as a week 1 preview makes me want to wait for the brokenness that will be dragon's maze. From the spoilers theyve shown so far, id rather just shell out $100 for a playset of aurelias bangbang card than buy a box of this set.
This is a very cool card. It's not one that will see much play in competitive Magic, but it has a unique and intriguing effect.

It *is* too bad they didn't print it as an instant, though, as then it would have been a sideboard option, I think. :\
It's not very unique or intriguing actually. He mentioned two better versions in the article, and TVboy mentioned a third. He build this up so much, I was quite disappointed when it was revealed. Really not sure who thought this was a good preview card.
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It's a metagame card.  It might have some use if the environment allows it.  It'd give Hypersonic Dragon some use beyond fluff rare, since you could then play Remembrance reactively.  Remembrance has potential with the Dimir coming up, but I don't want to put mill so squarely in my sights unless I have to.  I think it exists as a straightforward solution to an expected problem, and I think its major application will be fighting the Golgari as a sideboard card in limited (forcing their scavenged goods out of their graveyard before they can be activated).

This kind of card has a place, but its application isn't as straightforward as some of its kin were.  Gaea's Blessing benefited from being a cantrip and an instant, two things this card lacks.  I don't know if one mana and self recycling is cheap enough to make up for that.

This was definitely the best preview article that could have been written for this card, which to most people will be one of the least exciting cards in the set. I'm happy to see that there's still some love out there for Magic qua puzzle to eke out the best mathematical advantage. I'm more glad that DRAGONS FIGHTING ANGELS is more in the forefront of Magic, as it should be in a game about DUELING WIZARDS SUMMONING CREATURES, but I'm also glad for this. And it's a simple, clean take on an old classic ability, with one unique twist (being self-recurring). Rock on.
'll be optimistic, and hope that serene remembrance means that omniscience+enter the infinite has been playtested and is a viable top tier deck.
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