Sorcerers through and through?

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Ok, I was looking through all character books for 4e that I have for epic feats(planning out my character's future), and I came across some sorcerer at-wills in Heroes of Elemental Chaos. That got me to wondering something. My sorcerer is human, which means he gets a 3rd at-will from his class.

But, does that mean ANY Sorcerer at-will?
Any Level 1 at-will sorcerer attack power, yes.
What's key about that, is many of the at-wills the elementalist have are /not/ level 1 atttack powers; they have no level at all.  You can't select them.
Undecided I figured. Thank you both anyway
my usual character is a sorc.  I feel your pain.
All that said, there's nothing particularly unbalancing about the new Sorcerer powers in HotEC so frankly... just houserule it like we do.
As a note, you most likely don't want a sorcerer at-will if you are a sorcerer.  What you want is to take Heroic Effort instead.

In the case where you are a Sorcerer(Elementalist) instead of a normal Sorcerer the extra at-will can be useful for some tricks but it is often still better to have Heroic Effort for your turn where you escalate.
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My sorcerer is a dragon magic sorcerer. And I did not know of that human power, thanx .
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