Heightened Spell could use a revision

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I was just making up a wizard and looking at Heightened Spell.  It seems to make more sense to take First Strike instead and get advantage once an encounter instead of just being able to get advantage once a day on one spell.

Maybe make Heightened Spell usable every encounter would balance them out. 
They are fine together and First Strike in no way just overshadows it.

1) First strike only works first round against enemies that haven't acted. While this might happen more than once a day, the limiting factor of enemies that haven't acted can mean you don't get advantage on the guy you really want to hit. You cant bank on rolling 15+ every combat.

2) Heighten spell can give disadvantage on saving throws instead of advantage on attacks. This opens up the number of spells it can be used in conjunction with greatly. Once a day that flesh to stone has disadvantage on saves, BOOM!

In the end First strike happens more often, but which spells you can use, when it occurs, and what enemies you can effect are much more limited. Wheras Heighten spell trades multi-day usage for a much more open usage of the feat. To be honest, I'd be much more afraid of the argument of Heighten spell being to powerful by making SoD spells rediculous :P 
My two copper.
Another thing that comes to mind regarding the suggestion on making heighten an encounter power is it would totally overshadow first strike in every way, because it guarantees that you can always use it every encounter where first strike is conditional even when it works, and it's alltogether possible that you won't win initiative over anyone that encounter.
That stands to reason witn 4e, but in next, you are looking at way more encounters per session.  Not winning in init when you have 10 encounters is much less painful than if you only make it through 3-4 encounters a session.