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My opponent has a 12/12 creature attacking. I have a plus three other creatures to block that only add up to 7 damage. Can I block with all four and sacrifice the other three creatures to pump him up high enough to destroy the 12/12 or does he get the +2/+2's after combat damage is dealt?
Block and sacrifice
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Phyrexian Ghoul (don't copy the name from a site)

you can kinda do that, but you can only pump him up to 8/8 (2/2 pluse 3 times +2/+2), the sacrificed creatures will deal no damage
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Damage does not go on the stack so you can sacrifice the creatures before combat damage in order to give it +6/+6 but the creature you sacrifice will not deal any damage to the creature you cannot, however, have the creatures deal their damage and then sacrifice them to the Ghoul in order to have him deal more damage.
Alright, so if the 12/12 has trample the sacrificed creatures don't take damage either and I will take 4 damage.
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