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so my friend is building a red and black vampire burn deck with  olivia voldaren. he will have shroud enchants for her as well as counterspells for instants and enchantments. what do i do?
Field wipes, counterspells, don't let him get to 4 mana, typical stuff.
He'll have a job finding counterspells up to the job in R/B.  As with ways to give shroud (or Hexproof) permenently.  Green has some utility in Naturalize effects to fight off the permanent ways.  You might want to loo into Split Second to fight of the instant responses they might try running.

Best answers, really depend on the colors you plan to run.
Blue has counter magic of it's own.
Red, Black and White have non-targeting removal (examples: Slagstorm, Innocent Blood, Wrath of God)
Green makes things a bit tricky, but it can hate on how he's giving shroud, and it is good at taking out flyers (example: Silklash Spider)
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Your best bet is Geth's Verdict. Also, anything that hoses nonbasic lands (since I'm assuming he's in 3 colors).

Or, just Naturalize or Erase his enchantments. (Or better, Scour.)
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Dissipate the shrouds and Switcheroo while your friend searches desperately through his cards to counter it.
Typically when I see this problem, it cuz both players are playing dudes.
Someone who's playing control (removal, Wraths, counters) generally wouldn't have this problem.
So ya gotta switch your playstyle or play better dudes.
Yes Olivia is good, but its hard for her to throw down with Paladin En-Vec, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Auriok Champion, Kor Firewalker and their friends. Or big green hexproof stuff. Depends on what youre playing.
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