Theatre of the mind

So I need help. We use to play totm all the time back in 3rd, with a quick ruff sketch if need be. Now after switching to 4th we adapted the grid and minis and tiles, and now we are onto the play test.

I want to go back to totm, my 2 players like the tiles and minis and tokens.
What can I do to try and get them to go back to totm?

Also I just came into 4 new players that want to join and learn dnd. Is now a good time to switch back to totm? Or stay with tile and minis to make it easy or he new players?


Get a portable blackboard and use it to sketch positions during the fight.  

This is a compromise between grid and totm, start with it, then when they start getting accustomed to it (make sure they enjoy the freedom of improvisation and interpretation that comes from it) the group will probably go on automatic and just do it without the blackboard.

Honestly so far i found that new players have less problems with totm than grid, they fell less constricted by 10000 rules they don't know.

There's also a discussion of Theatre of the Mind here:

I played ToTM this past weekend and it was a roaring success. We only had to sketch out relative positions a few times. I'd say go for it.


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