Is there any D&D groups in Cairns, Australia

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Hi my fiancé and I are just getting into D&D and are looking for someone to play with and teach us the ropes. We just got it for Christmas and have made our characters but have no one to play with or teach us how to play. If there's anyone with a group willing to let two extreme noobs tag along and learn by watching or playing or if anyone's starting a group up, we are very interested. Both of us are into gaming, anime and pretty much all things geeky and would love some more geeky friends.

Hoping to hear from somebody...hopefully, kind regards

Hey Michael,

I'm in a similar situation to you and your fiance - recently moved to Cairns and looking to get into D&D, although I have had no previous experience in D&D (but other RPGs).

Just wondering if you found a group/other people to game with?


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