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I made a Green White deck that focues on life gain and popluate. I would like some sugestion on impoving this deck.

Worldspine Wurm 1                                                                                                   
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice 1
Armada Wurm 1
Centaur Healer 3
Attended Knight 2
Fencing Ace 1
Phantom General 1

Call of the conclave 2
Courser's Accord 2
Heroes' Reunion 3
Sundering Growth 2
Spider Umbra 1
Blanchwood Armor 1
Travel Prepartions 2
Druid's Deliverance 3
Harrow 2
Safe Passage 1
Pacifism 3
Oblivion Ring 2
Apostle's Blessing 2 
Ray of Revelation 2
Rampant Growth 3

Transguild Promenade 1
Selesnya Guildgate 1
Kabria Crossroads 2
Plains 7
Forest 7

Any suggestions will help.
I have been considering building a selesnya deck myself of course I would be focusing on populate entirely and here is my thought process on the cards you hae listed.


Worldspine Wurm way to expensive in a deck that isn't ramping up mana production.  he doesn't make the cut in my deck
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is good and makes it. 2 would be better than 1 but one is good
call of the Conclave  while technically a spell, it's a creature and I would play 4 being uncommon they could be had for 50 cents or a dollar and worth the investment
Armada Wurm is a card that I would look to get more of 1 is fine but at least 3 if not 4 is way better

will be back in a few 


I was thinking about taking him out and doing another deck that would be more appropriate deck.
Sorry about that, had dinner on the table anyhoo, back to my thoughts before

Creatures Phantom General needs to be 4 of these guys
Courser's Accord is OK, not great but fits I would run 4 of these slowly replacing them with cards like Thragtusk of course an arguement can be made for Horncallers Chant but it is expensive

I'd get rid of any card that doesn't make a token or eliminate a threat so Harrow and Rampant Growth don't make the cut among others

while Pacifism and Oblivion Ring stay in the deck 

Anyways this is the direction I would take in a standard token deck              
first you need more lands, minimum 20, 24 better

worldspine needs heavy ramp, it doesnt go with populate
the knight and genaral are decent for a deck going for numbers, but populate wants big tokens, not small annoying ones^^
stay away from cards like heroes reunionn that add life without bringing a nice body

you need more tokens. definitely up conclave to 4
you want 4 selesnya charm if you can get them
probably also 4 slime molding maybe some centaur's herald - alternatively a bit more ramp and 4 armada wurms
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