The Last War

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Are there any specific years published that the war was on "hold" ? I believe I read somewhere that while the war was technically still active there were some "cold" periods. And if so anything about if specific nations were still fighting or taking breaks?
I'm away from my books, so I can't answer definitively concerning any pauses in the war during the last century.

That said, you basically described the current state of things (998YK). Treaty or not, no one has much faith that the peace to hold. It took the Day of Mourning to stop the fighting, and fear and uncertainty about Cyre's fate is one of the only things keeping the peace.

Sure, there are monarchs who are trying to promote peace, but they are very much in a state of Cold War, preparing for the almost inevitable resumption of conflict.

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The Forge of War might have some information on that, but it also has wild innaccuracies and problematic interpretations of the Five Nations and their allies, so take anything in there with a grain of salt.

I'd just say you should make your own 'cold' periods and consider that not all the nations were fighting at all times. There were very likely long stretches where Aundair (or whichever nation) reverted to purely defensive action while they rebuilt their infrastructure.

I imagine that Karrnath was out of the the conflict quite often, with their rampant famines pulling their enlisted back to care for their families. With their only truely threatened border being with Cyre, which often had its hands full as the center of conflict, it was probably easier for them than it was for others. Aundair as well likely had long stretches of relative inactivity. I always saw them as having brutal but short offensive campaigns that devastate their enemies, but that they just can't hold on to. Especially given how difficult it is for them to replace their arcane resources.

Thrane was probably the most active. They had a passionate massed infantry and tons of divine magic to absorb blows from other nations and keep on going. They probably defined endurance throughout the conflict.

Breland was noted to have kept out of the conflict for the most part, at least in the early stages, which is likely how they managed to be such a massive power towards the later stages, having taken the least damage and all.

Whether Cyre ever had a prolonged break from the conflict is difficult to say. They shared a border with three other nations, though its likely their battles with Breland were fewer than with Thrane or Karrnath. Maybe if they allied with Thrane while Karrnath pulled back during their famines Cyre could get a breather from the conflict. Still important to leave them the most embattered nation though, its why the Warforged were such a huge part of their military once the process was perfected: they'd already lost more than any other nation and needed a force that could endure the constant assault. The inexaustable Warforged being perfect for that.

So there were no doubt many periods of relative peace for at least a few nations at a time throughout the length of the conflict. Its more likely that all the nations actively fighting at once was the rarity. Cyre probably didn't get many breaks though. Its was probably in the Prophecy: "And the heart of the Old King's dominion will have its cherries stomped on repeated. Yea verily, a merciless thrashing shall its cherries receive."
Thanks for the advice guys, very helpful
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