Is this god good or evil?

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During the time of creation, The One, creates the gods and has them perform for him. He grants each diety a part in the performance, then sits back to watch. the gods perform, and one of them decides he/she wants a bigger part than they have been given, even though their part influences every other god's part. He/she takes control and uses their influence to increase their own part, acting against the plan of The One. As a result the performance ends in chaos and The One is angered. He declares that the performance had been a blueprint for creation, and now all of creation would end in chaos. As punishment, the gods were forced to watch over creation, able to influence it but not change the end. All of the gods, obeying their creator, agree not to try and fix the end of creation. All of them except the one who caused it. Wracked with guilt he/she now CONTINUES to defy The One and seeks a way to fix what he/she did.

Is this god, and their followers, good or evil? 
I would ignore alignment and rather than worry about whether they are technicaly Good or Evil, I would focus more on the goals and beliefs of both this god and thier followers. How do they interact with the world and by what means do they wish to achieve thier ends?

But if you are dead-set on alignment, it would depend on The One's vision of the end and the blueprint. Assuming that the plan was just/good/merciful/whatever else fits, then I would list this god as Good for trying to fix thier mistakes and caring about the world rather than basing thier current alignment on their past deeds.


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Likewise, this scenario doesn't actually state that "The One" is inherently good/right/etc, and it certainly doesn't seem to be omniscient. (In fact, the story as presented could easily be seen as leaning him toward bad guy status.)

Really, there's nowhere near enough here to say whether any of the figures involved are good or evil or whether good/evil is even relevant to their actions.
Of course he's evil; it's Melkor, for Illuvatar's sake! :P
I was wondering if anyone would catch the referance Tongue Out

However Melkor was not evil at the time of creation, just arrogant. He didn't turn evil until he arrived in middle-earth and tried to take over.  
  That's fine, but the scenario as you originally presented it could just as easily be (in a nutshell) "The overgod is a controlling Bleep; the one who defied him is an archetypal trickster who doesn't much like being a puppet; the 'chaos' in question is that mortals will now have free will (which Overgod Controlling Bleep doesn't much like)." That results in the standard-level god being unaligned or even good, depending on how you want to spin his motives.

  And that's just one possible alternative.
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