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A card says to put token on battlefield but I dont have this token (from booster pack). What do I do?
You don't have to use the tokens from the booster packs. You can use pretty much anything to represent tokens. Other popular options are dice and coins.

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use anything handy that you have around

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Can it be Tip Card from booster?
I recommend live kittens (dead ones stink)
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I recommend live kittens (dead ones stink)

But those live fight each other without any spell or ability instructing them do to so!!!

Are you mocking me?
Are you mocking me?

The 'cats as tokens' is an old joke that always shows up when discussing this. Don't take it as personal against you.

oh... I dont know that joke. Can you tell?
we just did

we recommend kitten as tokens, and then someone else counters with possible ways how that is wrong

my contribution is that kittens tend to wander off the table or randomly tap
then the judge will issue a warning for failure to maintain game state!!

I personally like to use unsleeved face down land cards with counters on it for P/T
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Kittens tap, untap, flip and turn face-up and face-down at random. What is more, they might attack you or other player outside of the battle. A kitten token has no controller.
Go and try to exile a kitten. It won't go away. When a kitten token dies, it does not cease to exist. It stinks instead.
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