Why is Channel not banned in EDH on the Gatherer page?

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Here's the link for reference: 

Is this an error? mtgcommander.net shows it as banned, and I'm aware that mtgcommander.net is the official EDH site. 
Gatherer is a tremendous resource. But sadly it is wrong at times. For nearly a month after Scars block rotated out, you could still find it listed under Standard playable.
I know what you mean. Right after Return to Ravnica launched, Magic 2012 was still considered standard, as far as the Gatherer was concerned. Thanks for the response.
I read the title of this tread too fast and got excited and scared at the same time. I've noticed some errors on gather in the past as well (I can't remember what they were at the moment) I guess its bound to happen though, its alot of information to compile.

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