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I have created a Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition group. We are all learning as we progress through the game and this time around I am taking a go at being the Dungeon Master. I have to say that being in the DM seat I get to unleash my creativity and all the players seem to be having a lot of fun. I created characters along side them and I have even worked to implement them into the story.

I am running two seperate campaigns with their multiple characters and I am starting them on opposite ends of the same world. So in each campaign they are hearing stories of what is going on at the other ends of the world. Both campaigns are my own creations and are mainly improvised as the players move through them.

They have already encountered a mysterious hermit who may or may not be a (Necromancer), the cleric also had to save her four friends from certain doom when they were turned to stone by cursed ashes in the hermits shack after the Rogue dropped a sacred urn and stabbed the Necromancer (who turned to ashes). Those who were covered by the ashes shortly were restricted to chairs by the energies of the dead and turned to stone.

As the floor broke beneath them the final party member (the Cleric) who had been taking the defensive end broke through the door. The floor dropped and she was forced to fight multiple skeletons on a moving platform after it fell into a dark liquid. She defeated the skeletons and figured out a way to break them from the stone and they made a quick escape before the platform fell over the dark waterfall.

That is just the first campaign the second campaign has them fighting goblins to protect the human city of "Iron Will," and to reclaim the human's lands.

If you guys want to hear anymore from my adventures please let me know!

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Sure. Actually that sounds like a pretty good 4e adventure. Lots of action moving right along, fights with different goals (besides just kill stuff), time limits, mysterious magic, etc. Its all good. stuff. Make sure your players all have a decent amount of input and meaningful decisions they can make, things should go pretty well.
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Not really sure why this needed its own thread instead of being perfectly fine at the bottom of your old one, but good luck with it all!
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