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The new keyword Cipher for the Dimir guild is confusing me a little.

At first, when I saw it, I assumed you could exile the card from your hand onto a creature who is attacking, allowing it to connect.  Then I read the text again, and realized you would have to exile the card from the stack since it says "spell card".

So, I assume, this means you must hard cast the spell and exile it from the stack encoded on a creature.  However, does this mean that the spell doesn't resolve from the stack?

I'm confused. 
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Our best guess without the official rules is that you exile the spell as the last step of its resolution, since Cipher is usually written last on the card and the reminder text uses "then." Its other effects will happen.
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Read the article Gatecrash Mechanics.

You cast Undercity Plague normally from your hand, choosing a target player and paying its mana cost. When it resolves, the targeted player loses 1 life, discards and sacrifices; then instead of putting the Plague in your graveyard, you may exile it enconded on a creature you control (say, a Invisible Stalker).

Later, every time your Stalker with Plague enconded on it deals combat damage to a player, you get to cast a copy of Undercity Plague for free. The copy can't be enconded on a new creature because it's not a card, but the Stalker keeps the enconding so you can cast the Plague again and again each combat.

even better give it to a double striker

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