Did Wizards change the hybrid rule or is this a screw up?

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I havent played magic in general for longer then I like to admit, but I always enjoy looking at whats new thats coming in the sets. So stop me if the rules have been changed. 


The first commander deck of aurelia looks like any other deck but if you look at the creature list it lists dryad militant. Which obviously under the rules I knew of last means its illegal  in the deck. So my question is exactly as the title says was this a slip up or did it change?
Yeah it looks like they just screwed up. You're still not allowed to play hybrid mana cards that arent within your colour identity.
The rakdos cackler I saw in one of the Aurelia lists is illegal as well.


Some of the folks over at WotC think hybrid mana should be allowed in commander if ONE of the colors fits. This is not the offical rule.
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