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Gm sends a drake that was prone and down a ramp 10 feet up to charge at our defender who is in the epicenter of a phantom chasm.  I cried foul, the charge should not succeed, but he says nothing hinders him from going and the attack goes through, and the drake falls prone after.   Help?
The enemy should fall prone immediatly after the first square moved into the zone.

But if the PC was at the epicenter of the zone, then the enemy should be able to reach it with his charge attack though since Phantom Chasm is a burst 1 or, a 3x3.
He'd fall prone, but he'd still be in range and able to make the attack.  Prone does not cancel the charge when it happens - it can do so, depending on when the prone happens, but it's not guaranteed.  If the drake has moved two squares, and after it falls prone it is still in range, then it can make the attack (at a -2, from being prone).
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Actually at -1 because he's chargng Wink
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