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Here's something I'm trying to cook up; a mostly Vampire deck . The impetous behind it is an attempt to abuse Thatcher Revolt.

EDIT: A little update to the side-board.

2 Sever the Bloodline
4 Tragic Slip
1 Pillar of Flame
1 Searing Spear
1 Mizzium Mortar
3 Grafdigger's Cage
3 Dreadbore

I already know it's half-baked and probably non-competitive, but if you've got any ideas to improve it, I'm all ears.

The main idea is to use Bloodthrone Vampire and Blood Artist to abuse Thatcher Revolt. Fling is the final piece of that; Bloodthrone swings with the Thatchers, eats them to get huge, and then I Fling for the finish. Wildly optimistic, yeah, I know.

The Aristocrat is another outlet for used Thatchers.

The Goblins are just an attempt to make sure there are some chumps for the Vamps to munch.

The Stromkirk boys are Plan B; a little beatdown ability.

The burn is, well, burn. Nothing subtle or complicated about that.

The side-board is the product of about 20 seconds of feverish thought: The Slips are pretty useful against bad Aristocrats and since the point of my thing is killing my own Thatchers, Morbid is no problem. Sever is for tokens, Cages for 'yard shennaigans, and Electrikery is probably just a bad idea.

EDIT: Dreadbore added for Plainswalker-hate.
Really? Nothing?
To be fair, I was hesitant to reply on this since I don't know much about vampires, but...

Electrickery = horrid idea, even for sideboard

24 land seems like a bit much, since your most costly card only takes 4 CMC (5 to use Olivia's ability).  I say take one or two out to make room for more Searing Spear.

Again, my knowledge on vampires is a bit weak, so this may all be bad advice...
No Electickery is merely bad, not horrid. It actually can have some uses. Firstly, you'd be surprised how many relatively high-value creatures have one-toughness and secondly, tokens do still see play. But yeah, it's still bad.

Fling is also probably a dumb idea but I think it might be fun so I'll leave for a while. I'll probably play it once, it will be obviously bad and then I'll replace it with Brimstone Volley because, hey, Morbid! Kinda my theme.
This should definately have something like Mark of Mutiny, right? Feeding the opponent's creatures to my Vamps has to be good. Maybe two main-deck in place of Fling and one or two more in the side-board in place of Electickery. Maybe Zealous Conscripts would do well in he side-board as well to help with Planeswalkers.

I like Mark better than Traitorous Blood because the mana is easier and better than Traitorous Instinct because three is less than four.

Bloodline Keeper seems like a better idea than Olivia, but I've got Olivia on hand. BK doesn't seem expensive though, so maybe I'll see about it.
Dreadbore is good fit, no?

A more interesting question, however, is can be successfuly added? This would allow some better Vampire chow, such as Doomed Traveler and Gather the Townsfolk to be used.
I don't know much about sets pre-RTR, but isn't Slaughter Games stronger than Sever the Bloodline since it can also target spells and such, you're playing red anyway so the mana isn't an issue. Looking at your deck, I'd be more afraid of Terminus or Supreme Verdict than most creatures your opponents can possibly play.

I'm not a fan of Electrickery but if you feel comfortable playing it then you definitely should. I don't see a lot of token decks around my place but that differs everywhere.

Dreadbore is very powerful overall, but does it add to your deck? It's more of a late-game remover in my opinion, you should focus on getting creatures out early. Besides, if Tragic Slip Morbid doesn't seal it, you're way too far into the game I suppose.
Dreadbore kills Plainswalkers. I'm going to replace Electrickery with it.

Slaughter Games is well worth considering. I'm not sure I have any but I'll look into it. I am certainly not afraid to buy cards.
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