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So I'm just a-wonderin' what the community's favorite guild(from Ravnica) is, and why. Also what's your fave guildmage(old or new), guildMASTER(ex. The new guildmaster for Golgari is Jarad), and of course whats your fave fave charm? Feel free to stick to one guild, or choose a couple you really like! (Fave Guildmages, guildmasters, and charms dont have to be from your fave guild)
Not Boros. Not rakdos. Not gruul. I really like the rest... tend to really enjoy orzhov dimir izzet and simic most.


Izzet and Dimir, mostly for their leaders and mechanics
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I wonder


Boros, then Izzet, then Selesnya.

Orzhov is my left shoulder's favorite, though.

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The new Simic, friendlier than the old Simic. Was also a fan of the Izzet for the longest time; I wish they were better.
I'm a huge Izzet fan. Love the colors, the flavor, and Niv-Mizzet is a beast. I'm still trying to narrow which of the next 5 in Gatecrash I want to focus on first. It's likely going to be either Boros or Orzhov.

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Massive fan of Dimir, the new mechanic is simply amazing but Transmute control deck is my favorite casual. Simic would be number two for flavor and power. Boros and Izzet tied for number 3. Mizzet is too cool...

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guild: simic
guildmage: zameck
guildmaster: niv mizzet the firemind
Favorite guild? Izzet, but Dimir and Simic are solid 2nd and 3rd in nop particular order.

Favorite guildmage? Simic's

Favorite leader? Niv-Mizzet (not really a fair contest here, he's my desktop background)

Favorite charm is Izzet Charm (it made the cut toward my legacy-but-could-be-modern-built Pyromancer Ascension.)

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Savra, Queen of the Golgari for favorite leader, mostly because her art is spiffy.

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The new Simic is growing on me (<- pun), mostly because I look at them and mentally cackle maniacally.

The new Azorious mechanically puts some pep in my step

traditionally Dimir was, because playing Glimpse the Unthinkable was so satisfying. 
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Moriok Rigger does absolutely nothing to boost other riggers. You are incorrect.
Moriok Rigger is not a Rigger in print. Only in Errata WHAT NOW! (yes, I did put that phrase in for that exact reason)
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Dimir's looking pretty awesome. In Constructed, Invisible Stalker and cipher is all I have to say.
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Sunhome Guildmage
Aurelia, the Warleader
Selesnya Charm

Can't wait for Gatecrash and trying to make battalion work
These threads amuse me because they always end up with pages of responses from people who never seem to post in any other thread in Magic General.

That said,
Favorite Guild: Izzet
Favorite Guild Master: Raven
Favorite Guildmage is Orzhov Guildmage because the art is freaking awesome
Favorite Charm is Izzet Charm again because seriously, it's an entire control deck in one card! 
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 I always was a huge fan of Izzet before RtR was announced. Niv-Mizzet the Firemind is my favourite creature of all time so he's my favourite guild leader. I'm really interested in Simic now these days so I have a feeling my favourite guild has changed.
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