Surprising Charge - Am I missing the trick?

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The feat Surprising Charge is brought up a lot, but as far as I can tell it only adds 1[W] to the damage of a charge. Why is that so good?

Does p. 222 of the Rules Compendium apply to it? If it does, then I can see how that would be good. But if not? I don't get it.

As a sub-question then: Surprising Charge is categorized as 'extra damage'. If p.222 applies, does it apply to the Rogue's Sneak Attack as well? Both are listed as 'extra damage'.

It is good because you compare it to other things in the same category to really see what is going on.

For instance Weapon Focus (while boring) is a good feat.  That feat adds 1 damage per tier.  If you can reliably get CA on your charge it should add 2d6b1 (since most those builds use a gouge).  2d6b1 = 2+2d5 (so already better than weapon focus at epic tier if you roll minimum damage) ~ 8 points of extra damage per charge hit from one feat.

Now that "extra damage per hit" thing is really important once you start doing anything with a charge that isn't just an MBA.  Consider this following situation:

Rageblood Barbarian charges a target, charging into combat advantage, and uses Boots of the Mighty Charge to turn the MBA into Storm of Blades.

Storm of Blades does 1[W]+Str damage up to 3 times.

So the damage on that charge will look like this:

1[W] (Base) + Str + 1[W] (Surprising Charge) + 1d6 (Horned Helm) + 1d6 (Howling Strike) +3 (Enhancement) + Extras.

So before anything extra (Vulnerability, weapon riders etc) the damage is this per attack with a Reaper's Gouge:

2d6b1+5+2d6b1+2d6+3 per attack = 4d6b1+8+2d6 = 4d5 + 2d6 +12 ~ 12+7+12 ~ 31 damage.  So 31 damage three times to the same target.  If the target dies you can Swift Charge and charge someone else and also shift and make an MBA with your weapon.

So its good because, for a feat, it adds a lot of raw damage (If reliable more than SA).  Its great because if you are going a charge build you can pick up ways to use things that aren't MBAs on charges to turn it into a multihitting monster.
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Ok, thanks a lot!
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