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Ok.  I'm sorry but I cannot remember the specific card in question as per the spell, but here goes the scenario...

I have Captivating Vampire and use it to steal my opponent's creature Skirsdag High Priest.  My other opponent casts (spell that I cannot recall the name of) which says "Return target creature to it's owner's hand".  Am I the owner of Skirsdag, or does he go back to my opponent's hand (the one that I stole him from)?

I guess the issue is thus... what is the difference between "owner" and "controller"?
The Skirsdag High Priest will go back to your opponent's hand.

The owner of an object represented by a card is the person in whose deck that card started the game. The owner of a token is the player under whose control that token entered the battlefield. The controller of an object is always its owner by default, but effects like Captivating Vampire's ability can change the controller of an object.
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besides Ante cards nothing can change the owner

the owner of a card is the one in whose deck it started or in the case of tokens under whose controller it came onto the battlefield

the controller is the player currently controlling it
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A card's owner is always the person who started with the card in their deck.  Thus, a card's owner can never change during the course of a game.  Meanwhile, the controller of an object can certainly change.

108.3. The owner of a card in the game is the player who started the game with it in his or her deck.
If a card is brought into the game from outside the game rather than starting in a player’s deck,
its owner is the player who brought it into the game. If a card starts the game in the command
zone, its owner is the player who put it into the command zone to start the game. Legal
ownership of a card in the game is irrelevant to the game rules except for the rules for ante. (See
rule 407.)

Cool. Thanks guys!
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