1/14/2013 FTL: "Look Ooze Talking"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Cool decks, good article!

I think playing forests in the 2nd deck is not a good idea though, because of the full set of Geralf's Messenger. I'd play Golgari Guildgate there.


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
So Undying Ooze-Ville would have won the match, except that it apparently gets an automatic match loss for playing its games with only 56 cards in the deck.  I'm pretty certain it's the more powerful deck anyway, but having a 10% better chance of drawing its combo pieces certainly can't hurt.

Edit: Ah, my mistake.  I see that the decklist doesn't include the preview card, so it's at 60 cards after all.  Feel free to ignore my comment.
Yeah, the preview card manages to be wrong in both decklists in different ways: it shows up in the creatures column for the white deck.

Nifty card. One consequence of it being in Gatecrash specifically that Mike didn't point out is that it can remove Evolve counters. If you have 3 Evolvers out and remove all their counters to make a 3/3 Ooze, odds are you're going to trigger Evolve again. And if you do it again, you're going to do it again. Potentially several times a turn. Yikes.

": Make a 3/3"  is a leetle bit more efficient than Centaur Glade back in the day. And if you have more Evolvers out, it only gets madder. Six Evolvers gives you ": Make a 6/6"!

It also goes really rather nicely with Fathom Mage, Zameck Guildmage, or in a different guild but still in monogreed, Rubblebelt Raiders.
Yeah, I really like the idea of this with evolve, in a draft I would love to open this and then try and force Simic with as much evolve as possible, especially with the 2  0/x creatures. They have evasion so they will be good even if you don't draw this and with it they will always evolve even if you just make a 1/1 token.

On the crusade deck: How about Gyre Sage or Viridian Joiner? The Cathars' Crusade will make either of them bigger every time you make a token and then you can tap them for mana to make even more tokens! Yes, I know it might be a bit "win more", but since you are already playing mana dorks you might as well play some that profit from the counters.  With Gyre Sage and some additional tweaks you could even make this standard legal. Although two enchantments that don't do anything on their own might not be very competitive.
they made a johnny card thats good!

(when not johnnied) great decks, i like the duel at the end. the bit about whats happened to mike is a litttle disturbing, but funny
That was fabulously well written.  I love your wit and humor Mike.  You definitely got a fun preview card: very versatile and very very Johnny.

I also love the synergy with evolve that was pointed out above.  That's sooooo sick.  This card could easily see Standard competitive play.


From Mark Rosewater's Tumblr: the0uroboros asked: How in the same set can we have a hexproof, unsacrificable(not a word) creature AND a land that makes it uncounterable. How does this lead to interactive play? I believe I’m able to play my creature and you have to deal with it is much more interactive than you counter my creature.


Post #777


MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green). He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one." I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago."


MaRo: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

On Evolve: It's definitely a strong interaction.  The main reason I didn't use it in this article is that Simic Week isn't very far away, and I didn't want to have two Evolve combo decks within a few weeks of each other.
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